WHAT'S NEW ON THIS UPDATE: 1st of November 2017


New nice scans of the '90 Brazilian brochure


YAMAHA RD350 helmet in Brazil



New YAMAHA studio pictures of '83 RZ250R 29L model including YSP (Yamaha Sport Plaza) limited version



Previous update from the 14th of October 2017

New page for RD/RZ250 publicities

New YAMAHA studio pictures from RZ350 USA here: 48H '84 & 48H '85


New picture from RZ350 USA with solo seat

New detail pictures from RZ350 USA


Caracteristicas tecnicas y datos de taller RD350N '85 & RD350N2 '86 from Spain


New Pro-AM and Copa RD350 (Pro-AM in Brazil...)


New publicities


New magazine covers


New assembly instructions RD350N '85